The Issues

In many developing countries, millions of people suffer because of weak, overwhelmed or crumbling health systems in their countries. Too many preventable deaths and disabilities result from inadequate access to quality health care. Many health professionals are unable to provide the services that they were trained to give. Consequently both the service providers and service users suffer greatly under the burden of these overwhelmed health systems, giving more but enduring poor outcomes.

At the same time, millions of young people strive for and acquire a post-secondary education with the hopes of purposeful living and productivity. Sadly, a majority are yet to realize their desire to use their education for personal and communal progress. Many of them keep their hopes alive daily while they wrestle against the uncertainties, the insecurities and consequences that accompany unemployment.

The Initiative

We have seen an opportunity to advance through these daunting impasses. Through our organization, we present an opportunity for young educated people to engage their God-given talents and academic training to solve the complex problems of the health systems in the communities and countries where they live.


When we dream, we only imagine what is possible in a better world. It is only when we take action that we make a better world truly possible.