Project Description


We have defined a problem and crafted our intended approach. However, there is a difference between looking from the outside and learning from the inside. Our privilege give us a different perspective as we look at the context and specific problems that we are poised to tackle. Therefore we seek insights from field level givers because they live and give daily, tackling the problems we are designing a solution for, even if with little victories to show for large efforts.

We listen to partners and beneficiaries through immersion, focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews (IDIs). Through these qualitative research tools we solicit reactions and recommendations as we craft practical solutions. We ask youthful college graduates, health workers, leaders within health systems, community members, and anyone affected by our challenge or solution. They tell us and show us. They enable us harness the wisdom of these set of givers; those whose lives are characterized by a continuous giving of themselves and, sometimes, of life itself.

Listening is how we begin and end whether we are designing fabric face masks for health workers; handwashing stations for health facilities; clinic renovations for rural communities; or multi-site health systems for a partner.

A Grandma’s Prayer

Oh that we would listen

There is no giving greater.

For it is so that we demonstrate love.

Oh that we would give

And love those to whom we give

There is no loving or living greater.

For this is the way we leave the world better.