Project Description


We have defined the problem we want to confront and crafted the approach we intend as our unique tool. However, we recognize the difference between looking from the outside and learning from the inside. We are aware that our privilege presents us with a different perspective as we look at the context and specific problems that we plan to tackle. We value the insights that our field level givers possess from giving daily in those contexts and tackling daily those same problems, even if with little victories to show for their large efforts.

We have been listening to our future partners through focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews (IDIs). Through these qualitative research tools-FGDs and IDIs- we solicit reactions and recommendations to our mission. We ask young graduates, health workers, leaders within health systems and community members, and they are sharing their hearts with us.

This is how we believe we can harness the wisdom of givers; they whose lives are characterized by continuous giving of themselves and sometimes of life itself. As soon as we get to a place of saturation, when we have learned enough to understand how we need to start, we will launch our first series of empowerment projects. Stay with us!

A Grandma’s Prayer

Oh that we would listen

There is no giving greater.

For it is so that we demonstrate love.

Oh that we would give

And love those to whom we give

There is no loving or living greater.

For this is the way we leave the world better.