Empower youthful college and university graduates to develop and implement practical solutions to health system challenges, prioritizing the challenges that affect the rural and urban poor.

We believe that if youthful college and university graduates are empowered to serve their health systems through multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral and international partnerships, local health systems can leverage on these rich and untapped human resources for gains in population health.

Low and Middle Income Countries (“LMICs”) particularly Sub-Saharan African countries.

Our partners include individuals, communities and institutions that are committed to advancing the ability of health systems to serve people better. Partnership to us means passion, action, accountability, leadership, excellence and results.

Our Christian faith teaches us to love and serve; our professions enable us to dream and lead; and our experiences and privilege compel us to act.​

A diverse group of professionals passionate about advancing health system improvements in low- and middle- income countries. We believe that empowered people in those countries are central to sustained improvements. 

Meet our directors:

Dana Iglesias

Ivan Lumala

Lauren Beck

Randall Owen

Tioluwa Olokunde


Empower Talented Young Adults

Empowered youthful people are able to deliver practical solutions tailored to partner institutions.

We train and equip talented youthful people to support health systems, and connect them with partner health institutions.

They investigate complex problems and deliver solutions to the health institutions.

Support Health Institutions

Supported institutions are empowered to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

We identify partner institutions, learn their priority problems and assign talented youthful persons to work with them to develop solutions.

The institutions implement the solutions for effective and efficient service delivery to the communities they serve.

Promote Community Health

Served communities are healthier and empowered to contribute to the sustainability of solutions.

We identify partner communities and connect them with empowered youthful talents who will learn their priority needs as well as the assets they already have.

The communities will develop and implement solutions together with their assigned youthful talents.


Hope is a currency. It is an asset.

It can grow. And it can be lost, too.

- LifeSpring Lines (LSL)



The people and institutions we serve are givers, too. They give daily regardless of their difficult contexts. We want our work to stretch their generosity for more impact.

One Gift Empowers Two Givers: It’s like feeding two birds with one seed. Our work empowers two sets of givers and enables them to give more. First: it empowers youthful graduates to engage in productive work and enables them create solutions for health systems. Second: it empowers health institutions with practical solutions and enables health professionals serve more people.


When we dream, we only imagine what is possible in a better world. It is only when we take action that we make a better world truly possible.