Public Education: Fighting the Infodemic

Using our set of three integrated apps, we connect lay people to accurate COVID-19 information. When frontline volunteers, who are college and university graduates, submit unverified COVID-19 messages to our medical and public health team, we identify topics of interest as well as false information. Our team then sends verified messages back to the graduates, who feel empowered to disseminate accurate information within their social circles and on their online platforms.

Infection Prevention and Control: Handwashing Stations

We have empowered more than 50 graduates to build and install basic non-touch hand washing stations called Tippy Taps in public places. We have sponsored refined tippy taps for use at Primary health centers in order to support infection prevention and control of COVID-19 in those settings. Frontline volunteers have installed Tippy Taps in at least nine primary health care facilities that previously did not have non-touch, hand washing stations.

Infection Prevention & Control: Face Masks

We empower graduates on the frontline to make quality fabric masks for vulnerable people in resource-poor contexts, including health workers who lack very basic personal protective equipment (PPE). Our frontline graduates have made over 1,000 fabric face masks and distributed masks to over 200 health workers in 16 health facilities. Our graduates will soon commence the making of two thousand high quality fabric masks for the health workforce.


“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
― Nelson Mandela