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We are a young organization with a mission of relevance and impact beyond this generation. We invite you to journey with us from this start-up phase and be involved At The Core!

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Our vision is motivated by our Christian faith and our commitment to serve God’s most beautiful creation: people. We believe in the power of prayer.

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We want to hear your thoughts and questions. We want to know that you’ve got our backs through your honest feedback. Ask us. Challenge us. Encourage us. Tell us anything, everything.

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Our most reliable donors are people who believe in us and in our vision. These are our Givers At The Core because they are the catalysts for our virtuous cycle of empowerment and giving. They empower our organization to empower two sets of givers namely young unemployed graduates and health institutions. We call this: The Empowerment Givers Cycle! Would you join our Givers At The Core by making a recurring donation to AFARA International for five consecutive years?

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We need technical advisors and volunteers from various disciplines as we build our young and dear organization. Please let us know what technical skill or expertise you can give. Give us permission to ask you!

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Givers recognize givers. We recognize the power of viable collaborations so we value partners at home and in field locations. Connect us with potential collaborators at home and abroad.

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We invite you to collaborate with us. Share with us how you might want to collaborate, from serving on a board to working in a field office. Let us know what you are thinking and we will explore exciting possibilities together. Send us a message.

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We need funds for our foundation laying operations at home and in our different locations. We have many needs for funds some of which are registration with local authorities; researching and setting up field offices; communication and travel; mobilizing, training and remunerating the young unemployed graduates who are our First-Level Givers In The Field; developing and implementing solutions for health institutions which are our Second-Level Givers In The Field; sharing lessons from our work with relevant institutions; and collaborating with other partners. Our plan is to generate some revenue from the solutions that our First-Level Givers In The Field develop so that field offices are able to achieve self-sufficiency within five years of operating. Would you consider inviting other Givers?

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Where there is true love and commitment, there is accountability. Please stay beside us and keep us lovingly accountable. Tell us!

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We are committed to leading with integrity. We request that our givers trust our judgement and respect our leadership as you stand with us.

Simply learn more about our vision, mission and our progress until you are ready to do more. We understand that it takes time to own a vision and that strong commitments require sacrifice. We also know that there is a time for everything and there are different seasons in our lives. Take your time! Consider signing up to receive updates.

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Dana Iglesias
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