It’s A Win-Win Situation

We confront two issues with one initiative. By putting young talents at the center of our work, we chip away at youth unemployment and accelerate health system strengthening efforts.

A Three Dimensional Approach

Empower Talented Young Adults

Empowered youths are able to deliver practical solutions tailored to partner institutions.

We Identify, train, recruit, equip and connect talented youths with health institutions.

They investigate complex problems and deliver solutions to their health institutions.

Support Health Institutions

Supported institutions are empowered to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

We identify partner institutions, learn their priority problems and assign talented youths to work with them to develop solutions.

The institutions implement the solutions for effective and efficient service delivery to the communities they serve.

Promote Community Health

Served communities are healthier and empowered to contribute to the sustainability of solutions.

We identify partner communities and connect them with talented youths who will learn their priority needs and the assets they already have.

The communities will develop and implement solutions together with their assigned young talents.


When we dream, we only imagine what is possible in a better world. It is only when we take action that we make a better world truly possible.