Afara International is a not-for-profit organization focused on strengthening health systems through youth empowerment in developing countries.

Taking Initiative from Issues

In most countries with overwhelmed health systems, too many bright minds and young hands lack the opportunity to give back to their communities. Our goal is to empower these young talents to give back through the health system.

It’s A Win-Win Situation

We confront two issues with one initiative. By putting young talents at the center of our work, we chip away at youth unemployment and accelerate health system strengthening efforts.

A Philosophy of Empowering Givers

We are cultivating a community of empowered givers. We are promoting a culture of giving to empower people and institutions who are already giving in spite of their difficult contexts. They are being empowered to achieve more for their own health systems. This VIRTUOUS CYCLE of empowering and giving is our philosophy.


Catalyze the Virtuous Cycle.


Reinforce the Virtuous cycle.